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Tips to Know if Your Preloved Luxury Item is Authentic

 Tips to Know if Your Preloved Luxury Item is Authentic

As a preloved shop in New Jersey, we only offer our customers original and authentic products. Moreover, we make sure that the preloved items we sell are still in pristine condition. However, there a lot of shops that sell counterfeit products but are marketed as authentic. The counterfeit industry not only hurts the fashion industry but also tricks customers into buying low-quality products disguised as high-end.

For fashion enthusiasts out there, here are some tips to recognize authentic women’s luxury items from counterfeit ones:

  • Logo. If you are buying a luxury item from a reseller or a preloved one, the first thing you should examine is the logo. The logos of designer brands are flawless with no mistakes or details missing. Counterfeit ones may not have the right shade of colors on the brand logo, or, worse, misspell the brand name.
  • Stitching. For luxury bags and clothing, one thing you should look for is perfect stitching. Stitchings on authentic products are clean, straight, and contain more stitches per square inch.
  • Fabric. If the item is made of leather, examine if it is real leather to know if the product is authentic. Real leather has a slightly uneven texture. If the item is smooth and glossy, chances are it is a counterfeit.
  • Fastenings. Zippers and pulls on designer bags or clothing should feel heavy and functions smoothly. They are also usually in a matte finish, not a glossy one.

If you are looking for authentic designer items that are pre-owned in New York, visit us at ANESUA Preloved Luxury Shop. We only offer quality and authentic products that are still in their pristine condition.

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